Jayvo Scott


Jayvo is a SAG eligible actor who grew up training and performing live, as well as music theater. Currently he is involved in  TV and Film, mostly playing villains due to his appearance, but he has been known to play a few other roles from time to time. You can find some of Jayvo’s work by clicking below.

“As a child I always loved to perform and do so til this day. I started out on stage doing classic and music theater throughout my teenage years. As of about three years ago I have broke into film and television acting with success. From independent films and public service announcements to network television and music videos, acting is a passion of mine that brings great joy. I am grateful to say that I have attended film festivals such as the Melbourne Independent Filmakers Festival (MIFF) and the Sundance Film Festival and have gotten recognition for my work, as well as having appeared on major television network shows such as FOX’s ‘The Finder’ and  one of USA Networks newest shows ‘Complications’.”

Rockabilly Zombie Weekend

The Guy Knows Everything

365 Decision Time



Height:    6’0”         Weight:    240lbs          Hair Color: Dk Brown             Eye Color: Hazel

Complications                                 Cruz                                             Matthew Nix
Dead Of Night                                  Bobby Cooper                           Discovery ID
The Finder                                        Cuban Goon                              FOX
The Black Guy And The Jew          Bar Patron                                  TV Pilot
Dr. G Medical Examiner                  Sketchy Young Male                Discovery

Fall Story                                          Bob (Lead)                                John Kilderry
Amazing Grace                               Tattoo Artist                              Stars North
Iron Man 3                                        Mandarin Film Crew                 Marvel
The Guy  Knows Everything          Brick (Supporting)                   386 Films
Conversations With The Devil       Lucifer (Lead)                           Ken Barr
Pizza                                                 Tank Top                                   Greg St.Pierre
Jersey Shore Massacre                  Bouncer                                     Paul Tarnopol
The Drifter                                        Waynegrove                              Craig Calamis
Rockabilly Zombie Weekend         Tall Joe (Supporting)               Jamie Valez-Soto
365 Decision Time                           Truck                                         Golden Brothers
Shrimp Crawl                                   Fluffy                                          Mike Green

Hair                                                    Berger (Lead)                             BCPA
Ain’t Gonna Study War No More   Jason (Supporting)                   Vinette Carroll
My Favorite Year                               Alan Swann (Lead)                   BCPA
Our Town                                          George  (Lead)                           BCPA

Lori Wyman Casting                       TV/Film Workshop                   Lori Wyman
Acting Coach                                   Continuos Coaching               Marjorie Morhaim
Vinette Caroll Theater                     Theater                                      Vinette Carroll
Dillard School of the Arts               Stage Workshop                      Harold Prince
Dillard School of the Arts               Comprehensive Theater          Mary Beth Strautz
Dillard School of the Arts               Music Theater                           Floyd Nash

Accents and/or Dialects: Mexican, Irish, Southern, New York Accent   Special Talents: Professional Tattoo Artist, Amateur Mixed Martial Arts, Stunts, Driving: Motor cycle, Automatic/Manual Transmission Vehicles, Boat/Jet ski

For booking please contact

Burton & Robinson Agency
Glenn Burton